Zanzibar & Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

One of the largest faunal reserves in the world, The Selous Game Reserve is located in southern Tanzania, close the eastern coast of Africa. It was named after Sir Frederick Selous, a famous British big game hunter and early conservationist. The UNESCO designated the reserve a World Heritage Site in 1982, due its diverse wildlife and undisturbed nature.

The reserve covers a total area of 54,600 km² and has additional buffer zones. Within the reserve no permanent human habitation or structures are permitted. All (human) entry and exit is carefully controlled by the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Selous is unique for the number and diversity of animals that can be sighted. Elephants, hippopotami, African wild dogs, cape buffalos and crocodiles are relatively easy to find and photograph.

Selous is a Game Reserve, so it enjoys many advantages over National Parks, including more freedom to explore and no time restrictions.

Interesting places in the park include the Rufiji River, which flows into the Indian Ocean opposite Mafia Island, and the Stiegler Gorge, a canyon of 100m deep and 100m wide. Habitats include grassland, typical Acacia savanna, wetlands and extensive Miombo woodlands.

The Selous Mtemere section has permission to drive off-road with open cars, bush-walk, boat safari and tour the villages. Even on busy days it does not get crowded, and you do not have to drive very far in Selous to enjoy the diversity of the wildlife - another advantage, unique to Selous.


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